Retained executive search is at the core of Pegasus International’s services. We find executives who are as distinctive as the organizations they serve. When you need to hire key leadership positions, our search consultants, with their excellent industry contacts & extremely focused approach, are able to recruit the most talented executives from the best fit recruiting target.


We build both careers and organizations. Our searches are not chance driven but are founded in the infallible strategy of ‘relationship building’ and ‘robust knowledge base’.We build deep relationships with the world’s most talented individuals to ultimately build winning leadership teams for premier organizations around the globe.
History has proven that investment in search planning leads to successful search projects. Accuracy, precision, scientific methodology and resourcefulness are desirable traits, and all search firms would mandate them.As such, each of our projects begins with a search-planning meeting to gather the necessary information to draft a Search Plan.
This Search Plan discussion includes strategic information regarding the project, including:

This Search Plan discussion includes strategic information regarding the project, including:

  • Client Description
  • Position description
  • Candidate qualifications
  • Recruiting Targets
  • Key Selection Factors
  • Compensation qualifications
  • Career potential

Our responsibility is to understand the client’s business needs, and to accurately sight leadership qualities in candidates. Using executive search tools & techniques our consultants immediately begin researching, contacting, screening and developing potential candidates. Details of potential candidates who, upon an in-depth screening of their employment information, are qualified and interested in the position are developed. In addition, we interview and evaluate each separate potential candidate soon after your initial feedback.

Once a finalist candidate is chosen, Pegasus will thoroughly check employment and personal references. Upon your request, we also coordinate pre-employment investigative checks including: education and professional qualifications; employment history; and legal history. Pegasus International prefers to conduct references and coordinate checks prior to extending an employment offer.

Our consultants will also assist you in recruiting the lead candidate to the extent that you desire our active involvement. Finally, Pegasus acts as an intermediary to change, adjust, or gain acceptance for to the initial Employment Offer. Throughout this part of the Search Process, we represent our clients and act in accordance with their directions. Once the Chosen Candidate accepts your Employment Offer, we continue to work to ensure a smooth transition to your company.

Throughout the entire search project, our consultants not only have regular telephone discussions with you, but also continuously provide a weekly Search Project Update.

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